Tǽillὸ is a Nigerian Furniture and Lifestyle Brand that designs and manufactures Furniture by harnessing traditional forms, Materials, Local resources in Africa with both local and modern Technology to create premium Urban Furniture pieces.

We believe our little drops of effort will make a mighty Africa by telling our African story with one piece of Furniture at a time..

Support for Local Communities.

Not only do we manufacture, We also work will Local Artisans e.g Textile Industry which entails Industrial Application of localized Production using acquired technology thus improving lives in local communities across Nigeria.

Why choose Tǽillὸ ?
  • Great Designs with the African Touch.
  • Alternative to import.
  • 1-year Warranty on all products.
  • Customer Service support.
  • Completely Customizable designs

so whether you are decorating a new home or office from scratch, re-decorating an old space or just looking for a cool addition to spice up your existing decorating scheme you can count on us.

Whilst most people love super-expensive, imported furniture brands as much as the next person, this can quickly get unsustainable —particularly if you have champagne tastes with a beer budget. So instead of overspending on furniture pieces you can’t afford or settling for pieces you don’t really love – or ones that don’t match your initial vision, reach for premium Made in Nigeria furniture brands like Tǽillὸ that is bridging the gap between functional but gorgeous and affordable furniture.

Contrary to popular belief, you can make your living room look and feel high end without dropping a tonne of money. With a good melange of  affordable, custom and (some) more expensive finds, you can easily create a very expensive looking space with a realistic budget. Finding pieces that look luxe without the matching price tag is actually surprisingly easy.

Taeillo furniture

Tǽillὸ is competently founded by Jumoke Dada, a Lagos based designer. Jumoke is a first class graduate of Architecture from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and has worked in top Architectural and interior design and Furniture manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

We aim to take our brand internationally and have African lifestyle flagship stores in other continents of the world asides from Africa. And because we believe so much in the future of Africa, we  have a foundation that gives back to the African society in the future.

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