• I know you will be wondering what Tribe Tǽillὸ is Not to worry .

Tribe Tǽillὸ is a community of successful Black people around the world who believes  in the future of Africa and what it has to offer.They are not just members because they are successful but have committed themselves to support Black businesses like Tǽillὸ who in-turn is supporting Local communities Across Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

5 Reasons to Join Tribe Tǽillὸ ?
  • For every purchase of furniture you support a Local community
  • You get customized Newsletters on the amazing work we are doing in Various Communities.
  • Special Discounts and Free Deliery on some orders.
  • Feature to tell your African Story on our social media pages and Newsletters
  • You will be considered first for all Freebies

Tǽillo is a Home and Lifestyle Brand in Nigeria. We realized that many of our traditional arts and crafts evolved overtime to include practical and decorative items and that human expressions find their way through various forms of art.

In the light of all these we are resolved in our hearts to brand our Nigerian culture and identity and make it appealing to modern Nigerians and the entire world through design.

We believe in the Yoruba adage which says; “Ile la tin keshorode”, this translates to ‘Charity Begins At Home’.

Unlike the existing lifestyle market, Tǽillo aims to create a coherent image of the African identity in your lifestyle


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