There are cool brands doing really Amazing things despite the challenges that surrounds us as Nigerians.

Come to think of it don’t you think things will get better if only we support our own brands!

Patronizing made in Nigeria brands is a way to grow the economy and the following reasons are why you should have a rethink when next you are shopping!

when you buy Nigerian you;

1.Grow Manufacturing Industry

Patronage of Nigeria brands will contribute to growing the artisan and manufacturing industry. Resources can be joined to increase the bargaining power of producers as well increase National Partnership.

2.You save yourself the hassle of importing what is Readily Available

Shopping outside of Nigeria means waiting time for goods to arrive, asides it is usually double the price when you calculate the cost of Logistics,time lost and damages that might occur in the process it sometimes does not worth the hassle when you can get the same thing from a Nigerian brand.

3.Grow the Currency

Spending money within the country will grow our currency (Naira) as there will be flow from production, buying and selling within. The less we spend on imports, the better the exchange rate will become. Naira was once higher than Dollars. Now we see 360 Naira to $1.

4.Increase Export

If brands can create products which satisfy the citizens of Nigeria who are already familiar with international brands, then the brands can be export ready. Development of e-commerce has also enabled this relationship to flourish.

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