We all want to be trendy, but trends go in and out of style every few years. Replacing a shirt is one thing; replacing an expensive couch is another. While everyone should buy furniture that makes them happy, it’s worth asking what you think of your purchases as how they’ll look in 10 years. Will you still love the color? Will you like the shape of the piece?


Buying a furniture because it is trending does not guarantee that long lasting happiness .


1.You can buy neutral large furniture and trendy decor. Decor is less expensive and easy to replace. If the tables and sofas are neutral colors and shapes, the decor can make the style statement of the room.Playing with your decor allows you to tweak styles .for example adding African prints can give your space feel African.

2.However,if you can’t afford getting a new furniture another way to create your own style is to  reupholster your old furniture as a way to keep pieces longer. Many buyers, not just Millennials, feel a little reluctant to invest in nicer furniture because they have or plan to have pets and children, who will probably inflict some damage on their expensive furniture.Good fabric is made to stand up against kids, but reupholstering is always an option as well,

3.Then if you really want to go all out ,a sure way is to choose any of the styles stated below or combine two or more to create your own unique style.


  1. Your style is traditional if you see a preference for rich, dark wood finishes, and carved details. You may like fabrics such as chintz, jacquard, damask and brocade.
  2. Your style is modern if you prefer clean lines, little or no ornamentation, and a range of finishes. Leather and microfiber appeal to you more than damask and brocade.
  3. Your style is transitional if you like the clean lines, but you want them softened somewhat. You like classics, but prefer them updated. You tend to like soft finishes, and ultra suedes, corduroys and chenilles in neutral colors.
  4. Your style is coastal if you like natural fibers and sea-themed prints, seashells, and finishes that are light, weathered or painted.
  5. An eclectic style will have elements from different cultures and eras. Strong patterns, colors, and textures dominate.

Not only will a knowledge of these styles help you understand your design prefrences, it will also make shopping for furniture easier.

Drop your comments below if you have questions you want us to answer.

You can find Afro-modern Eclectic furniture pieces here

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