About Us

Tǽillὸ is a Nigerian Furniture and Lifestyle Brand that designs and manufactures Furniture by harnessing traditional forms, Materials, Local resources available with both local and modern Technology to create premium Furniture pieces with 99% Local content.

We believe our little drops of effort will make a mighty Africa by telling our African Story with one piece of Furniture at a time.

Our Formula is Culture + Design + Technology = Premium African Furniture.

Not only do we manufacture, We also work with Local Artisans e.g Textile Industry which entails Industrial Application of localized Production using acquired technology thus improving lives in local communities across Nigeria




Yes,Pieces are Completely customizable.

You can change Fabrics,Colour and Overall finish and sizes respectively.However the price might vary from the price you see on the website due to some advanced feature that might be added on the furniture.

Usually,Orders take 9-21 days depending on the volume of the order and the features it has.

However,All things been equal all pieces are usually within this Time Frame

We Sure Have Local/International Logistics partners that can ship your orders to you in any part of Nigeria.

However for International Shipping we only cater to South Africa,UK,USA at the moment.Other considerations might be given to other Locations depending on the inquiry.